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Building Cultural Bridges Through Art:

An Experience of a Syrian Engineer and Visual Artist in America By Dima Kroma info@dimakroma.com Dima is a Syrian-German informatics engineer, web designer and developer, a wife and mother of two, living in Jacksonville, Florida. As a

Surge of Domestic Violence against women during lock down

We have updated the article with a link to the Domestic Violence guide 2020, as we had many questions where to go to seek help. You will find every possible contact here and useful tips that will

How the COVID-19 Quarantine is Bringing Back My Experience as a Refugee

A Former Refugee from Iraq Shares Her Reflections on the Global Pandemic Photo by Levi Clancy on Unsplash Basma Alawee came to the U.S. as an Iraqi refugee in 2010. She is currently the Refugee Organizer with

Good examples of achieved women empowerment

Empowering women isn’t a buzzword but a movement about empowering women socially and economically. All women around the world must have access to education, financial independence, economic opportunities, equal treatment and legal protection. The achieved milestone for