My Story

Getting ready for the Runway

By Dana Asady : I was born and raised in Basra, Iraq and spent my early life in the city of love and poetry. During the hardship of the 8 years during the Iraqi/Iranian war, just like

International Women’s Day from generation Z’s perspective

By Kay Gouw: As a young woman who forms part of the generation Z I have witnessed from an early age the rise in the discussion regarding womens’ position in society, I have been introduced to feminism

International Women’s Day 2020 by Zayneb

By Zayneb Mahdi- When I was asked to write an article for Nina, I thought it would be only fitting to write something within the context of International Women’s day. I started by thinking and researching inspirational

Two poems, by Ahmad Abuljobain

                Blossom of My Mother’s Womb January 1990   Oh, blossom of my mother’s womb, Whose life was pain but death so quick Your face, such love, would shine and