Ow, those hormones!!

Are you less happy and at ease, did you gain some pounds, is your sex drive gone? Chances are this is due to hormones. We know that hormones can affect our mood, but what influence do these

Good examples of achieved women empowerment

Empowering women isn’t a buzzword but a movement about empowering women socially and economically. All women around the world must have access to education, financial independence, economic opportunities, equal treatment and legal protection. The achieved milestone for

Coronavirus Poem by David P. Carroll

We live in a scary World today It’s different than Before No more hugs kissing Our happiness gone away Like never before The virus has taken our Loved ones away Families suffering Like never before The fear

Forever Young!- Spotlight on International Yoga Day

June 21st is the international day of Yoga and with the theme this year is Yoga at home and Yoga with family. Due to the pandemic we are no longer able to go into the office, so we